Thursday, December 16, 2010

Upcoming movies with philosophical content

Here's one called I Am by director Tom Shadiak, director of Bruce Almighty and Ace Ventura

Here's an interesting, but highly improbable movie called The Source Code:

This is the preview for The Adjustment Bureau that I showed you in class:


  1. Even after the discussion in class I'm not anymore certain about what a soul is. I think that there are so many different sides that you could take reguarding your opinion of souls. Up until today I have always considered my soul a part of me, it's what makes me breath, think, smile, love, and it is my overall existance. Without my soul I am literally nothing. But I didn't think that just because my soul was a part of me that it took up space or had a measurable weight. Because of my opinion on the soul before today I have trouble believing that a soul could weigh 21 grams. After hearing everyon'es opinions today I think I agree that I don't really know what a soul is. I think the word "soul" is too broad, if it had a more destinct and concrete definition than maybe I would be able to form a better opinion. But until then, I think I'm just going to continue believing that my soul is just me.
    Jaimmie Koss 3rd

  2. Obviously, there are many different definitions of what a soul is. There are even some people that do not believe in souls. First off, I do believe that everyone has a soul. From the way I was raised and what I believe, it does not seem possible that people do not have souls. I do not think that a brain could hold so much information, such as memories and emotions. And a soul does not just hold this information. I believe that everyone has a very vague, predetermined path that they will go down in life. In my opinion, God has “encoded” your soul with this information. Now, this does not determine your entire life, just some broad aspects of it. I would like to think that there is such thing as a soulmate, that everyone is destined to find theirs. However, I am not sure that something like this actually does exist at all. In my opinion, your soul is what goes to heaven after you pass away, because it is certainly not your brain. A soul is basically what contains part of your mind and is the blueprint for your future.

    Tyler Porritt 3rd


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