Monday, May 20, 2013

Our own version of Kant's Practical Postulates

Immanuel Kant thought that there should be some things that we should stop arguing about b/c they're assumptions that cannot be proven, but in order to for an argument to move forward, we should just confirm them.  They are called Practical Postulates and they are:
1. Man has an immortal soul;
2. God exists;
3. Man has free will. 

So, there were nine of us sitting around discussing this on Friday, and we came up w/ our version of Practical Postulates:
1. We exist;
2. Space is infinite;
3. Politicians lie;
4. Total agreement is impossible;
5. Our perceptions are limited by our senses;
6. Seniorities is real;
7. Dogs are better than cats. 

Enjoy. A 2009 study on how much better dogs are than cats.

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