Monday, January 11, 2010

The Lost Questions have been FOUND AND ARE DUE FRIDAY 1/15/10

They are available on my Groves class' website.

Homework update: Test on TUESDAY. REVIEW SHEETS HAVE BEEN PASSED OUT AND THEY WILL BE POSTED ONLINE TOMORROW. Review session is on Tuesday morning at 7:45 a.m.

Links to Destination: Lost (called Ep24, pt 1-5)
Pt. 1 -(there's nothing on the video for the first 20 seconds).

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Pt. 4

Pt. 5

If the embeds don't work, you can search YouTube by looking for Lost Destination Lost ep24 as a summary of season 1.

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  1. 1.The idea that the island represents purgatory is a common idea that Lost viewers still attach with the first season of Lost. This is because the format of the show results in all of the characters finding redemption and reflecting on the evil they have done in the past. The show shows characters that have failed miserably and allows them to have a second chance.
    2.The setting of this show is an environment that requires the survivors to fight for survival against each other, which shows a lot about the characters strengths and weaknesses. They find that their actions and decisions have immediate consequences that affect their chance of survival. Their faith is also tested by the necessity to answer questions on our existence, which they could easily ignore in their everyday lives. This mandatory decision-making also forces them into a decision on their own fate.
    5. Not everyone has a clean slate on the island because they cant seem to be repenting for their sins and still are haunted by the things in their lives. This emotional baggage does not allow them to put faith in the island and keeps them still living in the past
    6. The ideas of living with people that we do not understand is a very current theme expressed in Lost. The ideas of tolerance and misunderstandings are apparent with the others and no one knows whom they can trust. This is very similar to society today where prejudice blinds people and makes it unable for them to see the truth. Just like misunderstandings can lead to violence and power struggles in the real world the characters on the island experience them to.
    10. The biggest threats to community in Lost is deception and lies and all the villains in the series (Henry, Anna Lucia, Sawyer and Michael) betray the rest of the survivors in one way or the other destroying their camaraderie. The leaders on the other hand are those who remain loyal to faith and community. Jack becomes an early leader because of his speech that expresses the need for teamwork. This is because the characters who have done the best adjusting are the ones who have made peace with the island through faith and no longer try to fight it.
    11. A brute fact is something that exists, for which there is no explanation. Fatalism is that everything is a matter of necessity and everything that has ever happened had to happen.
    14. The analogy and quote prove the existence of God, because they say that everything came from something else that came from something else. If you continue to go back further and further eventually their would be nothing that everything could be created from, so this something has to be God because nothing can come from nothing.


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