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The Final Flash Forward Blog Ep. 6-8 (new due date)

Watch Episode 6 here: http://abc.go.com/watch/flashforward/235637/239645/scary-monsters-and-super-creeps

Episode 7: http://abc.go.com/watch/flashforward/235637/240432/the-gift#sl-0

In episode 6, we finally learn more about Simon Costa (Dominic Monaghan from Lost and Lord of the Rings) and Lloyd Simcoe - that they're involved in this flash forward / black out that "killed 20 million people." According to Wikipedia, Costa is a Stanford quantum physicist who worked w/ Simcoe. In later episodes, Lloyd has second thoughts about what they have done and wants to come clean and expose his involvement in the experiment. Simon comes to L.A. to "clean up" this mess - possible exposure to the world about this experiment (in particle physics?). And then lately, Lloyd and Simon play a game of poker for the right to turn to expose the experiment to the press. Lloyd cheats in order to win!

Simcoe's son, Dylan, an autistic boy who provides an extremely awkward moment when he arrived at the Benford resident in episode 6 saying, "this is my home too." Of course, Bryce, the fomerly suicidal intern, has caught on to Dr. Benford's cold shoulder for Lloyd. And, I think Bryce has the hots for the tragically doomed beautiful babysitter, Nicole (and after watching episode 9, vice versa). Just a thought.

As the FBI investigation goes forward, Benford, Noh and the rest discover what seems to be a "death cult" called the Blue Hand where people with no flash forward visions tempt fate and play Russian roulette, indulge in weird fantasies, etc. In essence, nihilism at its worst - everything goes b/c there is no tomorrow. Ironically, what brought the Blue Hand all together is the FBI's website, the Mosaic.

At the end of the episode, "The Gift", Agent Al Gough jumped off of the L.A. FBI building so that he would not kill a woman in the future, one he is overheard talking about in his flash forward. It seems that in episode 8, "Playing Cards with Coyotes", his death, his sacrifice is hailed as a sign that the future isn't written in stone (Duh!). Agent Gough's death has been an inspiration to all (as well as a tragedy for his fictional family and all the ladies who were looking forward to him as weekly eye-candy).

And Agent Hawk recovers from her gunshot wounds and comes back to work in episode 8. Is it still possible that she has a baby? Who knows? But the attack on her makes no sense. This is referenced throughout episode 8 that there must be some leak in the LA office - that this group is one step ahead of them. Remember, just b/c things occur at the same time doesn't mean there's a causal relationship.

But still so may questions remain and there's barely half the season gone:

1. When the FBI task force was in Washington D.C. and they were attacked by that heavily armed, highly skilled group of Asians, I think that we (the audience) were left to assume that the attack and the Blue Hand were one and the same. Then you have to add in the attack on Agent Janis Hawk and something doesn't add up. I think this has something to do with the woman who warned Demetri about his death (she was in Hong Kong!). Just b/c two things occur at the same time doesn't mean they're connected - one of our philosophers said this. What do you think?

2. What is going to happen with Lloyd and Simon after the exposure of their experiment? What did they do that affected the entire world?

3. Who is Suspect Zero at the Detroit Stadium?

4. How is Olivia and Mark's daughter connected with this? How does she know about D Gibbons if what she saw in her flash forward involves her hanging out at the Benford house with Dylan Simcoe? The only other person in the house is Lloyd Simcoe. Could Lloyd be D Gibbons? *Does anyone find it amazing that for a doctor and an FBI agent they both lead "regular" lives

5. What is gonna happen with Aaron and his daughter (who apparently witnessed something terrible in Afghanistan - something that military contractors Jericho had perpetrated)? In episode 8, in Aaron's flashback, an Afghan medic tells him that the "accounts are secured".

6. What would you do if you had no flash forward? How would you prepare for the end?

7. Do you think that by killing the tattoed man did Mark change his future? Or was he just one of many tattoed military-looking men that we see at the end of episode 8 (could be Jericho? Could this thing that Lloyd and Simon were working on be a weapon that Jericho is pioneering (given the awkward Oppenheimer / atom bomb reference at the very end)?)

Pick 3 of the questions (one of them should include #6) and complete it by MONDAY evening, 11:59 p.m. November 30th. Max 12 pts.

The Mosaic - http://abc.go.com/shows/flash-forward/mosaiccollective

People add/invent their own stories about what they were doing in their flash forward. Kinda cheesy, but an interesting social experiment.


  1. 5. I don’t know what could drag them both back to Afghanistan after she got her leg blew off! But I’m guessing that scar faced dude contacts her and tells her that she has to come back and when she does they have to pay off the military contractors so they won’t kill her.Another reason she could come back is just to return to her base and let them know that she’s okay. She’ll soon realize she can’t live a secret life forever. In the FF I noticed she had marks on her face…so maybe they’ll kidnap her from the US and bring her back to Afghanistan….and the scar faced dude will work out a payment plan with the contractors so that they’ll leave her alone. (My imagination goes wild! )

    6If I didn’t Have a flash forward I would be really upset, and im guessing its safe to assume that if you don’t have one that it means your going to die…I wouldn’t know how to handle it. You really only have two options. Kill yourself…or wait to die and try to enjoy your life. I would work on all the damaged relationships in my life and I would live the little of my life that I have left to the fullest. I would not join that blue hand group - that was so creepy and cult-like… it was going overboard.

    7.I definitely don’t think Mark changed his future…the chances of the man he killed being the one who was chasing him in the end is SO slim. There were so many of those guys…I can’t wait to see his reaction when he see’s that HAHAHAHA !


  2. Daniel Sherwood

    1) I would have to agree with you (that the two events are not necessarily connected). I think the strongest evidence to this hypothesis would lie in the fact that why would the blue hand group want to kill the FBI agents investigating the Flash Forward incident, I don’t think that they would mind. In my opinion this group of people is trying to kill them for another reason, maybe contracted by Lloyd?

    2) There is no way to know for certain what will happen when Simon and his confidant come out and take responsibility for what they’ve done, but I would assume that they will not be received lightly considering that they killed ten million people in an experiment. What they did to affect the entire world was somehow get the entire planet (aside from a few people) to black out for two minutes and see a flash forward of there future in six months time.

    6) If I didn’t have a Flash Forward I would live it up =) I think that a lot of people would have this reaction as well- “Hell I’m about to die, lets eat fattening food and drive really fast”. I understand that driving fast and eating a double cheeseburger may not be the first things on everyone’s mind if they knew that they only had a limited time on this earth but I think that’s what I’d do first. If you think about it though, what’s keeping people from living it up all the time? No one knows how much longer we have on this planet and I could die right now. Why am I not out eating a double cheeseburger and slurping down a nice chocolate milkshake? Moderation and reason I guess….but that’s BORING!!!

    I see that you can disregard my e-mail considering that it says Monday evening.........I'm so convoluted


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