Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun philosophy stuff

I found these interesting philosophy t-shirts / posters / etc. at Cafe There are over 42,000 designs and almost 1/2 million products that you can buy these designs on.

There are some fun t-shirts there like "Plato's Cave Alumni" or "Philosoraptor" or a bumper sticker that said "Major in Philosophy: It's By Far the Most Interesting Path to Poverty".

Others were "Don't argue with me, I have a philosophy degree" and "I doubt, therefore, I might be..." "Team Schopenhauer / Nietchze / insert your favorite philosopher", and one of my favorites: "Sure, it works in practice, but does it work in theory?"

And no, I'm not a shill for this company.


  1. Can evolution and creation co-exist? Yep, they definitely can. I believe that anything can co exist if some one wants it to. Having it be a clean cut (either evolution or creation, nothing in the middle) is quite narrow minded, I think. Why does it have to be and either or situation? Why can't God or some other higher power have created evolution? Our lives change every day, as we progress through our lives. We go through our own personal evolutions throughout our lives. We begin as something simple minded. We then become more embodied human beings when we are able to think more for ourselves,about our selves, and our impact. The subject of God and religion is never simple. So why would evolution/creation be? I have always believed that God wants me to think out side of the basic box, but still keep my faith in Him and my other beliefs. So let's look at it through more than one looking glass. If God only wanted us to see it one way, then why did he give us the ability to see it another? He couldn't have let us progress into having opinions, and being able to make choices, if He didn't want us to. I see evolution as God's doing. He started everything out as an atom of can element, which transcended into a unicellular organism, which eventually led to multicellular beings and us. That doesn't dismiss Adam and Eve. Like they said in the video, perhaps there had already been human beings, but God gave Adam and gave Eve the souls that made them into realy people. Homosapien is a species; people are thinking, emotional, and soulful beings. It's just being narrow minded just seeing it one way or the other.

  2. I would like to comment in response to quote number eight. I agree completely with the quote. History is nothing more than stories recounted over many years, that have been accepted based on memories themselves, as well as memories of other stories. We only know what we are told, and it is all we will ever know. Every one of us could have just be living today, and all our experiences could just be implanted memories. This topic was discussed in the film Blade Runner, when there are androids who live among us who believe there are human. They were given false memories, and believed that they had been born and raised in a home with a mother, a father, a family, when really they were created by scientists and given implanted memories. At the end of the movie the main character played by Harrison Ford discovers that he is actually an android himself. This exemplifies that fact that we only know what are memories tell us and what others tell us.


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